Afrasiab settlement

The history of this mythical settlement goes deeprooted to the legends, passed down from generation to generation. Many people sincerely believe that in the northern part of Samarkand once existed an ancient settlement called Afrosiab. Legends include the surreal locality to the 7th – 2nd centuries BC. It is believed that the founder of the castle was king Afrasiab, who ruled in Turan.


Numerous historical and cultural research expeditions successfully refuted these legends. In fact, on this spot there was located the ancestor of modern Samarkand. It was here that flowed teeming city, interrupted by the Mongol invasion in 1220.


The invasion of the Mongols did not pass unnoticed for the city. Their brutal leader Chingizkhan ordered to erase it from the face of the earth cruelly. His subordinates so thoroughly fulfilled his wish that the locals never ever tried to begin a new life on these hills after that. Local residents decided to set up a new city at the foot of the hill. That is why modern Samarkand represents a classic half-moon, as seen from above.


Some archaeological excavations have shown that the destroyed ancient city includes the following elements:

  • Vast suburbs;
  • The secured inner city, where many residential quarters of ordinary citizens and artisans were found;
  • The mighty fortress.