Originally, the capital’s zoo was located in the former dacha estate of the Turkestan governor-general. The year of its foundation was 1924. At that time there were few animals and they were neighbors with the museum.

On three hectares of land, the zoo was free, but later the exposition increased to 200 or more species, which necessitated expansion. In the modern city, the zoological park brought some discomfort to residents, for example, because of the smell. Yes, and it was located in a built-up central residential area.

The Cabinet of Ministers has decided that the zoo must meet international norms and standards, therefore, construction must be organized in a new location. It began in 1994. For this purpose, a quarter of the Botanical Garden was alienated. In September 1997, the first visitors examined the zoological garden.

At present, its area exceeds 22 hectares. Mammal animals, birds and reptiles are located in spacious landscaped enclosures. The aquarium has undergone a change, now you can see not only turtles and various fish, but moray eels and sharks.

The autumn of 2009 prepared a surprise for visitors – there were disappearing Malaysian bears. In addition, from Malaysia, they brought a white-beaked gibbon, a swine-tail and a Javanese macaque, a mandril, a thick lory and a benturonga.

At the end of 2014 three Far Eastern wolves, a female lynx and two Himalayan bear cubs were brought from Khabarovsk.

In March 2015 in the pavilion of tropical plants beautiful butterflies settled.