In the city of Tashkent, at A.Kadiriy Street,13 of Shayhantaur district near the former home of Lecturers there is one of the renowned theaters of Tashkent, the Theatre of the Young Spectator. Located in the shade of the trees, on one of the main streets, it is a very loving place by locals. Today, the number of seats is designed for 347 young viewers, but, in fact, at the time of its formation, this number was much lower.


As the name implies, the theater repertoire plan is designed for young viewers, although no less interesting performances are put on the stage even for older spectators. Along with the world-famous fairy tales – Cinderella, The Wizard of Oz, young visitors get acquainted with national works, such as an interesting work by G.Gulyam « Mischief-maker ». Performances are held in two languages ​​- Russian and Uzbek, which makes the show even more interesting.


On the basis of the theater festivals of different levels are regularly held, which are attended by teams from the countries of Europe. However, the theater is also putting into practice more serious works, which are visited by more adult audience. For example, the performance of « Sodom and Gomorrah of the21th century », the main idea of which was authentic biblical tales with the display of contemporary issue- drug addiction, won a full house.


The theater troupe consists of the honored workers of culture, folk artists, whose names are known not only in Uzbekistan. You can visit the theater can any day, except for Sundays, designated as a day off. On Saturdays the door of the building is open to young viewers, on the other days performances start at 18.30. For more information you can сall:- (99 871) 144 76 20, 144 75 97.