The small town of Gijduvan enjoys great fame, as it is considered a shopping, and most importantly, a handicraft center. Ceramics artisans take a special place among the masters. Their main orientation is the use of geometrical shapes and colors in the ornaments. The local school of ceramics founded by the great master Ibodullo Narzullaev has acquired great fame. His work based on individual vision, has gained prominence. The master participated in more than 50 international exhibitions and museums around the world can boast with his works. The same love of ceramics Ibodullo managed to instill in their children, the sixth generation of ceramic craftsmanship. Pieces of masterpiece created by the hands of his sons and daughters replenished Ibodullo’s collection.


By participating in exhibitions held in different countries, the US, France and Italy, the Narzullaevs received numerous prizes of different denominations, only confirming their skill and dedication to work. Among them state awards can also be found. By visiting the family’s ceramic workshop, you can purchase the products as a memory, see the process of the production of ceramics, to pass training courses conducted by the best craftsmen of Gijduvan, stroll through the museum, which contains exclusive, unique exhibits, as well as learn more about the famous embroidery of Gijduvan.


By the way, the craft of embroidery is as popular in Gijduvan as the craft of ceramics. Today, embroidery has become very popular, because the fabric for it is produced here, in this glorious city craft. The visitors of the workshop will be treated with meals of a traditional Uzbek cuisine.