The theater appeared in the beginning of the last century, when a group of enthusiasts came under the direction of M. Kari-Yakubov. This period was the period of formation of the Navoi Theater. Famous singer Tamara Khanum who became the property of the republic, worked in the theater for a long time,. During the period of its development, the theater had repeatedly changed its name and, eventually, received the proud title of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater named after Alisher Navoi.


This unique theater is also distinguished by its architecture, which people not in vain call unique. Designed by famous architectural Academician Shchusev, the theater was divided into six sections. This was done with a great sense, because each of the sections (halls) was dedicated to one of the cities – Samarkand, Tashkent, Termez and other historical gems of Uzbekistan. The walls and halls of the theater are decorated with paintings and other art works by famous artists, reflecting the style and life of Uzbekistan.


A magnificent fountain built in the Theatre Square became another decoration of the complex and an undeniable landmark of the city. Over time, the years have taken their toll, and the beautiful fountain was in need of renovation. Contemporaries have added not only new features, but also equipped it with illumination and supporting music, making it a real miracle. Now, to admire this gimmick, the city is often visited by foreign guests in order to personally enjoy all the splendor of the dancing fountain.


The theater artists, in their turn, continue to work, delighting residents and visitors with new productions, and touring around the country and Europe, bringing new awards. The theater is open every day, and on Sundays it friendly swings open the doors for the youngest residents.