In Mirzo-Ulugbek district on Independence Avenue, 79A, opposite the cafe « Darkhan » and very close to the business complex « Inkonel » and the marriage registration office is a modern ladies club


Most women spend extremely much time on their appearance. But the professionals, which this women’s club is famous for, can help support the body in the beautiful form even in the middle age. The spectrum of services provided by specialists of the club is really great. Here you can perfectly adjust your shape, achieve necessary flexibility, improve posture, pass a preparatory course for childbirth, as well as fully restore yourself after the childbirth process.


Pregnant ladies are taught how to breathe correctly and how to consider the birth without pain and fear. They are helped to pass the theoretical lessons by seeking the assistance of a pediatrician, a psychologist and a gynecologist. Here they can master the art of yoga, work out strip- plastic, learn a belly dance or even master the subtleties of intimate gymnastics.


Children will also find many things to do here, which greatly alleviate the attendance of women who have no one to leave their children with. The club runs a dance group « Caramel », where children not only dance, but also straighten their posture, learn the lessons of choreography, as well as get acquainted with folk dancing.


The club is divided into two fitness halls, where you can do aerobics, pilates, fitball and many other directions that not only help keep the body in order, but also maintain a healthy spirit of the beautiful half of humanity. Moreover, ladies can have plenty to talk about, sharing with each other the latest news and events. All details can be found on the club’s website for women – Call – (+998 90) 355-05-25.