Tea house « Farrukh » – a representative of inexpensive places not only in the walls of Ichan-Kala, but throughout Khiva. But unlike other tea houses here you will spend your dinner not at the usual tables and trestle beds, but in yurts, which are many here. Such a situation is quite unusual for visitors – this is a plus. Here you can really relax, and not chinno to sit at tables with a knife in one hand and a fork in the other. The interior was filled with national colors: embroidered patterns, colorful carpets and kurpachi. Beautiful, unusual, inexpensive and tasty – what else does the guest want?


The teahouse is located on the main street of Ichan-Kala and you probably will not notice it right away, because you need to go to the citadel.


A variety of dishes is good. The cuisine here is national: shish kebabs, pilaf, lagman, mastava, noryn and so on. As they say those who have already visited the house with yurts, everything is tasty and satisfying. Just do not forget to order a teapot of fragrant tea, so as not to spoil the taste of dishes with other drinks. In the summer, delicious melons and watermelons appear in the menu – delicacies, grown fond since childhood. Remember here reasonable prices and do not limit yourself to one dish.


Tea house « Farrukh » is a good choice for those who are tired of the usual interior. In Uzbekistan there are few places with such an internal entourage, therefore, being in Khiva, be sure to visit the tea house Farrukh, at least for the sake of interest.