The Operetta Theatre, better known as the State Theatre of Musical Comedy is located in the city of Tashkent, at Choponata Street (National Park) of Chilanzar district. The its opening happened under the brilliant staging A.Ginzburg. Since that day a new life was given to the creative art of the Uzbek region.


Repertory plan of the theatre was eventually divided into three main directions. This was done in order to increase the number of visitors, and also to give the opportunity to enjoy the art of the theater the youngest spectators, young people and the older generation. Acting group works with the classics of the genre, puts on contemporary repertoire, and pays great attention to the children’s musical tales.


As there are a lot of talented writers in Uzbekistan, a separate direction is allocated for copyright performances. Gradually, the theater invites such well-known composers and playwrights as Ikramov, Ergashev and Bagramovich for cooperation. Fruitful work together with such great people has led to the fact that the theater completely renewed its repertoire plan. The viewers were for first time introduced to the famous classic versions, plays concerning the interests and problems of young people, different musicals, as well as works that convey the historical life and talk about the multiple values ​​of Uzbekistan.


Honored artists, whose names are known not only in our country but also throughout Europe, work in the theatre. Real nuggets, folk and honored artists, activists and cultural workers got together under one roof. The performances are held daily. On Sunday Theatre invites the youngest viewers. To learn more about the theater, you can refer to their webpage , or call – (+99 871) 277 85 92 277 85 29.