Ten kilometers from the center of Tashkent city, in the street Murathodzhaeva, 72 Shaikhantakhur area is sport-shooting VIP-Club. Club area is fully seated flowers and various trees that can not only deal with all sorts of things, but also to rest in the shadow of the foliage in the gazebo, enjoying the beauty of the flower.


The club offers its visitors a variety of entertainment – there will be interesting to both male and female. The main occupation of the visitors is skeet, carried out on the trench round and stands. A target moving at speeds up to 70 km / h, while keeping the dimensions of a diameter of 11 centimeters. For beginners shooters open pneumatic shooting gallery, where you can earn shooting skills before going to the moving targets. Club staff also organizes the hunt, both in the laboratory and on-site in the field. If the guests have little knowledge about the supplies of weapons, experienced instructors will always help you decide to get the desired result from the shooting.


Relax after outdoor activities can be in the pools for adults, and for children. But to enjoy the culinary delights, which is famous for shooting club, you can at the restaurant, which offers dishes of European institutions, national and hunting cuisine. Feel the comfort of home while enjoying the glow of the fire, sipping hot tea or mulled wine can be in the fireplace room, which in winter is never empty.


For regular members of the club opened a separate room, where they can discuss the latest events or hold business meetings. Also at the club brought many, who later became famous athletes. Here are constantly competitions of different classes, as well as numerous sports and recreational activities.