Restaurant « Zarafshan » is one of the few restaurants located inside the serf complex of Ichan-Kala. Initially it seems that « Zarafshan » practically does not stand out among other national cafeterias, where you can have a good time and eat. But this is by no means the case. First, it is located in a small building of Tolib Makhsum madrasah, which is distinguished by its painting and interior decoration. Sitting in an open area, here is a unique view of the architectural structure of Islam-Hodzhi XIX century. Secondly, the restaurant’s dishes are really delicious, that you definitely will not trade a restaurant for another institution.


The design of the main hall is preferably given to the national style: the walls are lined with colorful suzane, the tops and all the furniture is skillfully decorated with carvings, tablecloths – and those eastern gazes.


The menu of the restaurant is full of variety of Uzbek cuisine: pilaf, manti, shurpa, mammar, freshly baked flat cakes, pumpkin soup, Khiva dishes from beef. The menu is complemented by fish dishes according to different recipes. There is also a section of vegetarian dishes. And believe me, it is far from being limited to a variety of vegetable salads!


As entertainment, live national music is represented here. You can order a folklore show.


Family dinner or lunch break in the restaurant « Zarafshan » he will pass « with a bang. » Here, to the sounds of the doira and dutar, you can now, as anywhere, be imbued with the charm and hospitality of Khiva.