Khiva is a city that has collected Uzbek culture from different eras that can be seen not only in all historical buildings and monuments. Here in one of the building of the XIX century is located a pretty restaurant « Silk Road ». Two and a half centuries ago there was a female madrassa, and now in this slightly reconstructed building pass cheerful feasts and pleasant evenings.


The interior is made in the old Khiva style, old walls and ceilings are preserved. The summer terrace is suitable for a light snack or smoking hookah. Hall – for longer gatherings. Tranquil melodic music will accompany your pleasant communication with Uzbek culture.


Dishes in « Silk Road » are not so much that, as in many national restaurants, a set of basic Uzbek dishes is offered here. High demand is used for kazob kabob, flat cakes with meat, lamb dishes, lagman. To kebabs you can order a bottle of red Samarkand wine. Guests of the capital are advised to try ripe juicy fruits grown in Uzbekistan. They are also available.


The restaurant is open until late, which makes it possible to dine with the light of the stars quite real. Day from the height of the building you can contemplate the fascinating beauty of ancient Khiva.


After a day exploring the sights of Khiva, dinner at the « Silk Road » restaurant will be an excellent addition to everything that you have learned about the culture of the country. Fast and efficient service, led by a delicious meal, will be the perfect end of the day.