On the street Mahmud Koshgari, 54, in the very center of Uzbekistan, the restaurant « Samarkand » welcomes the doors for all visitors. Performed in a national Uzbek style, the atmosphere has a relaxing and comfortable rest.

The guests are offered a variety of dishes of European, national and Russian cuisine. The main delights of the hospitable table are fragrant lives and famous Samarkand pilaf. But this is not all the surprises that the chef prepared. In the restaurant you can try such dishes as these-kabob, Said’s food or yam-lamb, served with selected spices that set off the taste of excellent meat. And also – a shish kebab, the taste of which will be remembered for a very long time. Moreover, you can enjoy it in the summer courtyard, enjoying the coolness under the green foliage, as well as the freshness that the breeze blows from a large fountain in the middle of the courtyard.

A special atmosphere is created by marble statues, transporting visitors to the ancient times of ancient Rome and Greece. The restaurant is divided into two rooms – large decorated with wood decorations, emphasizing the elegance and elegance of the interior. Here, there are booths designed for large companies, or secluded meetings with expensive people. The second room, slightly smaller, is a real surprise for visitors – everything is done here in accordance with Russian culture – bear skins, wrought chests, whimsically arranged bags of grain, and between them – stuffed kids, and even a real well. Against the backdrop of Russian color, the costumes of the waiters, tailored to the order in the age-old style of Old Russian culture, richly look. « Samarkand » is also good, because the famous Wine Museum, as well as the largest hotels of the city, are very close by.