Restaurant “Neo” located on Tatebaeva Street, 21 near the Central Bank of Nukus, is the largest restaurant in the city. A spacious room, which comfortably accommodates up to 120 people, a cozy bar and a billiard cabin, allow diversifying leisure dining. The unobtrusive live music is a good addition to the pleasant atmosphere of dinner. The visitors are presented with the rich menu of dishes prepared in the best traditions of Karakalpak and Uzbek cuisine, as well as the dishes of Caucasian and European nations. Therefore, those wishing to enjoy Georgian chakhokhbili, Russian hodgepodge (meat and vegetable soup) or meat in Turkish will be pleased with these dishes by chefs of Nukus. Due to its rather large capacity restaurant “Neo” is probably the best place for a large family and corporate events or dinner in a wide circle of friends. The average cost of meals in the restaurant “Neo” is 5 to 25 $ US.