At 345 meters from the center in Registan Street, 5 is the Registon Samarkand restaurant. Performed in a national Uzbek style, the restaurant beckons with its hospitality, a great selection of stunning European, national, and vegetarian dishes, as well as special dishes for lovers of healthy and healthy food. The restaurant has a rest room, and for those who want to stay in it until the morning – a room overnight. At the disposal of the guests are two large halls with installed trestle beds. Visitors can be pleased not only with the entertaining program of the institution, but also with the ordered show of the national dance, revealing all the charm and grace of the Uzbek people.

The restaurant « Registan » can accommodate up to 60 people, which means that you can gather at the tables the closest people – whether it’s an evening with friends or a magnificent wedding celebration. Special specialty of the dishes is the firm meat delicacy of Karahan – skillfully roasted meat with selected sweet-sour dried apricots. Also famous are delicate and fragrant cream soups that burn with the taste of harmoniously selected seasonings, as well as a famous wheat soup, famous not only for its excellent taste, but also for its useful qualities.

The hospitable atmosphere of the restaurant will brighten up the evening, or make it truly unforgettable. Pleasant music, friendly waiters, well-chosen wine list, a picturesque view opening from the windows – « Registan » pleases its visitors absolutely everyone.

With the first rays of the rising sun, exactly at 6 o’clock, the restaurant cheerfully opens the doors for its guests, allowing you to enjoy excellent rest until almost midnight – at 23.00 restaurant life freezes to again wake up very soon – in just seven short hours.

Call (+99890) 742 1548.