How often, when you go on a trip, do you hope to meet a miracle? Sightseeing – yes, historical values ​​- yes. But here’s a miracle. That’s why, when choosing a tour around Uzbekistan, do not forget to visit Tashkent, where along Temur Malik street, near the Institute of Culture there is a park of Miracles. This park was once simply a park named after Zafar Dier, and today it is Lokomotiv. Miracle Park was opened for the Spring Festival, Navruz. And the feeling of spring continues to be present inside him. 80 000 sq. M. meters of total freedom, where you can safely choose from five zones that are closest to you. For example, Extreme Zone, for fans of adrenaline. There is also a wall for a climbing wall, and a rope town with different routes. Or, for example, Lokoland Kids’ Zone, for children up to ten and Lokoland Fun Zone for seniors. Where a lot of colorful rides.

The next zone is rest, idyll and wonderful photos in nature. Also the largest Ferris wheel in the city, 42 meters of beauty in the Lokoland Garden Zone.

Well, perhaps, one of the most appetizing areas of the park, is the Lokoland Chill out Zone. Here is a summer terrace, cafes. And an unusual fountain, where with the help of 3 D images you can arrange congratulations or even declarations of love. In the park there is also a three-story building, where a medical center, on every fireman, has settled. Also, the mother and child room and entertainment center. The park payment system is very convenient, you just need to take a card at the checkout and use any attractions from 2000-7000 soums each.

Why Locomotive, you ask your tour operator in Tashkent. It is enough to go in and you will understand everything yourself. After all, a multicolored train trains along the park itself. Well, in curious copies of the sights of the whole world you can buy souvenirs, which in your home each time will remind you of the magic miracle that you met on your way.