The national house « Zainab » has been pleased for many years with its cozy atmosphere and home-made food. The hospitable Zainab-op manages the house-restaurant. Her institution is known throughout Khiva for its delicious national dishes.


The national spirit here is felt from the very threshold: first a meeting with a hospitable hospitable hostess, then an interior decoration and a meal that has no equal. Interior, as already noted, is verified in the traditional style. In the sunny warm days you can get in the yard at tables, or on a wide aivan or in a yurt. If you like to dine surrounded by embroidered carpets, satin tablecloths and kurpachi, then at your disposal is the general hall « Zainab ».


The basic background music is national. By prior order, you can see the performance of the folklore show, which will be a particularly interesting guest of ancient Khiva.


The menu is represented by a wide range of national dishes: pilaf, tukhum barak, dimlama, shurpa. Be sure to order tea with oriental sweets and dried fruits. What can be dostarhan without these delicacies?


Before visiting the institution, it is highly recommended to contact its owners, as there is no specific timetable for the work of the national house.


In the national house « Zainab » you will always be greeted by hospitable and smiling staff, and so deliciously fed