Master-puppeteer Kuriyazov Mansur from Khorezm



Every adult once loved to play with dolls, whether princesses with bows or brave robots. Becoming older, people return to childhood only twice – when there are children, and after – grandchildren. But there are people who give a piece of childhood all the time. One of them is the master puppeteer Mansur Kuriyazov from Khorezm, in whose hands the dolls become the real living men.


As the famous dad Carlo – Mansour himself is making his friends-dolls. Carefully, the detail for the detail, the fragment after the fragment, completely new characters are born, with which Mansur goes to the city streets, taking part in folk festivals and other festive events.


The views of the master puppeteer are so interesting that they are increasingly invited to individual holidays – Mansour and his dolls are frequent guests of anniversaries, birthdays, parties, children’s parties. And here after all that is amusing – to see at celebration of the known puppeteer children not only wish, but also quite taken place adults want. And Mansur, in turn, prepares the culprits for the celebration of his surprise. If the master sends a photo of the congratulant, then in just a few days the master doll will be born under the skillful hands of the master, who will also come to the celebration to congratulate his original. In addition to external similarity, the master puppeteer will perfectly repeat the movements, gait, and speech, thereby giving the double even more similarity. If you want to meet face to face with childhood again, call the master and order your doll – (+99 890) 122-55-16, (+99 871) 255-67-71.