To the south-east of the Ferghana Valley, also referred to as the pearl of Uzbekistan, lies one of the main craft centers of the region, known for its craftsmen since ancient times. Today Andijan is still a great industrial metropolis, known for its skilled masters. In the crafts like pottery, amazing molded ceramics, gold thread embroidery, engraving on copper, a magnificent painting are marked with a separate category.


Products made by Andijan masters got the glory, not only in their native land, but also throughout the Great Silk Road. Very popular is Andijan Regional Museum, where more than 60 thousand exhibits vividly tell the history of development, prosperity and lifestyle of Andijan. Historical roots of the city of Andijan are also immortalized. The famous and great commander Babur was born and grew in Andijan in whose honor descendants founded a Memorial House-Museum of Babur.or years, the grateful followers piece by piece collected exhibits related to the life and great deeds of Babur.


Guests are recommended to visit the Museum of Literature and Art as well, in which the best works of modern masters of Andijan are collected. The exhibition includes works such as painting various directions, sculptures of famous people and ordinary mortals, all sorts of graphics and a lot of other directions, which is the beautiful city of Andijan famous for.


These are the three main museums by visiting which one can be fully acquainted with the historical past and the present skills of artisans of Andijan and the city itself. These museums have managed to recreate and preserve truly unique items, which have no analogues anywhere in the world.