Modernity, framed by the old days – is an art-restaurant « Khorezm », located in the once lively madrasah of Allakulihan, not far from the palace of Tash-Hauli. The restaurant has been active since 2008.


The interior is made of course in the art style, thereby more resembling Europe than the East. Here is a small art gallery, after a walk on which you will certainly get hungry. In warm weather it will be nice to turn gray on an open terrace: to combine a lunch break with a gentle Khiva wind. Initially, it may appear that there is a lack of national color here, but this is only until you taste the national dishes, which certainly absorbed all the traditional color.


In your spare time from excursions, as a guest of ancient Khiva, it will be interesting to look into this cozy stylish nest. You will be served by attentive staff who will serve in your preferred language: Uzbek, Russian and English. The menu is accordingly available in these languages. Service pleases with a high level.


Restaurant menu is not famous for a large number of titles, but as they say, it is not the quantity, but the taste that is important. At any time here serve Khiva pilaf, samsa, chebureks. There are dishes of European cuisine and desserts in the menu. For your information, the restaurant offers hookahs.


Cleanliness, stylization, excellent service, delicious dishes are just a few advantages that the art restaurant « Khorezm » will give you.