In Tashkent city at Talimarjan Street, 135, not far from the plant « Electric devices » and a park named after Furkat one of the most favorite places of entertainment of the residents of Tashkent, as well as numerous visitors – Ice Palace « Ice Avenue » is situated

Going into the palace, it is worth remembering that the air temperature rarely exceeds – 3 degrees, due to the coating of natural ice, so appropriate dressing to the rink should be expected. The price of a single subscription includes the cost of rental of skates, so to pay for them separately is not necessary. Novice skaters are invited to take the skates a size larger because at the active movement one habitually can get awful grate calluses. The personnel of the rink offer white skates for girls with less sharpened blades than men. Men are also offered classic hockey colors – black and white. The blades of these skates at times are sharper than the ladies’. Also, for those who are still undecided on the ice, service of the instructor is provided who not only will help to stand and ride, but also safely fall, not fearing to break an arm or a leg.

Around the rink large spectator stands are built, because here not only ordinary citizens enjoy their leisure time, but also are a variety of activities from games to dance performances are held. And those who have come accompanied by a skater can just sit, waiting for their companions. Do not forget that a long sitting can lead to what would bring to feeling cold. Therefore, in the Ice Palace there is also a cafe where you can warm up with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy delicious cakes.

The cost of skiing is dependent on the time of a day – at daytime it will be a little cheaper than in the evening. The Ice Palace is on only in the winter, helping visitors to avoid frost and fully enjoy winter activities.