Want to know how handmade carpets are carved, the beauty of which is enjoyed throughout the Uzbek land? Then it is worth to visit the famous Samarkand silk carpet factory « Khudjum ». More than 400 girls tirelessly weave a thread with a thread, presenting a review of the guests real works of art. And if any of the carpets want to buy right at the factory – you can do it in a few minutes.

Over the years, the masters have worked in the direction of recreating the natural tissue. Also, a big role in weaving is played by drawings, ornaments of which are taken from historical examples. It is worth noting that the cost of carpets in the factory is much less than the cost in the markets, because handmade in silk performance is not a pleasure for every even a substantial person.

Manufacture of factory carpets is almost completely made on advance orders – it’s not strange, because such a unique thing you want to have every second, and these masterpieces are created manually. Most of the staff is women. It is in their thrifty hands that simple patterns are born, threads are weaved, knots are tied, even the thread color is produced.

The paints used in the manufacture are exclusively of vegetable origin. This is madder, peel of walnut, asparagus stems, pomegranate rind. After coloring, large bundles of filaments are caressed in special baths, which are placed in strict order on the street territory of the factory. There they are carefully dried under the streams of wind and warm sunlight.

Few people know that the silk thread consists of 600 fibers. It is these secrets of production that are revealed to numerous visitors during a tour of the factory. But the final pruning is done mostly by men, because it is physically very hard.

A special offer of the factory is the manufacture of a carpet with an ordered picture or portrait. This work is very long – at least 1.5 years. Also it is worth considering that such an order will have a fairly high price.