February 14 for most residents is celebrated as St. Valentine’s Day, the day of all lovers, but for the inhabitants of Uzbekistan is its own national holiday – the birthday of the great poet Babur. The role of this person is so great for the Uzbek people, that in his honor there is not one street or park named, but monuments have been erected in almost every city.

In the city of Andijan, where Babur was born, a whole park was planted in honor of the famous countryman, as well as the Babur House Museum-exactly at the place where the poet indulged in his thoughts, enjoying the magnificence of the opening view of nature. The park was planted for a reason – it was a well thought-out architectural complex, on the territory of which there is not only a house-museum, but also a memorial of memory, which, according to the authors, represents the symbolic tomb of Babur. In honor of the ruler, a prospectus, a university and a large Andijan library were also named. In the tomb, during the construction, fragments of land from Agra and Kabul, the places where the great poet was buried, were invested.


The house museum represents a complete collection of the life and work of Babur and the Baburids. The museum has many historical exhibits that reflect the activities of the ruler, as well as many literary works not only of Babur himself, but also of his close ones, for example, a daughter who wrote the same excellent works as her father. Many of the miniatures of the ruler’s life are shown here, as well as gifts that the poet exchanged with other Central Asian rulers. Visitors can also learn interesting facts about life

ruler of the lectures, which are constantly held by the museum staff. There is a historical complex on the hill Boghisamol.