The water park is perhaps the most favorite place for children, as well as for most adults. And its popularity does not change at all depending on the time of the year – to plunge into cool or warmed waters, famously roll down from a huge hill, or to spin in a spinning wheel you want always, regardless of the season and weather conditions.

In the city of Tashkent such an entertainment complex is located in the center. What is not here – in the center of the water park thrill seekers expect steep slides, from the names of which it becomes clear that they will have to experience, sweeping along their winding pipes. There is also a pool with a massage effect, as well as a pool with almost real rolling sea waves. And for sure, anyone will like the never-empty jacuzzi.

If at a desperate descent the visitors gain a full mouth of water – nothing terrible will happen. Due to high-quality and professional cleaning methods, the water in the pool is equated to drinking water standards. And, of course, there is no unpleasant smell of bleach, which discourages all desire to calmly relax.

It’s no secret that rest on the water greatly increases appetite. The staff of the water park took into account and this – the choice of guests are five cafes-restaurants, in which you can find a variety of dishes of different cuisines, as well as real culinary delights. In the evenings in the park area a playground for celebrations is opened – it can be corporate parties, and secluded romantic dates. Only one day – on Monday – the water park is closed for preventive measures.

The entertainment complex is open from 10 am to 11 am, but after 6 pm the doors of the water park are closed to outsiders. The ticket price includes three hours of enjoyment in the clean, energy-filled waters of the water park.