In the city of Tashkent at Mannon Uighur Street, 2 of Shayhantaur district, very close to the circus, as well as the hotel « Chorsu » is located Drama Theatre named after Abror Khidoyatov.


At the beginning of the last century, young actor Abror, who was not even sixteen years old, began his career becoming famous all over the country four years later. The secret of success of the great master was really simple. He played every role as if he turned into his character during the performance, feeling the mood of the character being played with every cell of his body. It was this trait that was admired by rigorous critics, whom it was quite difficult to please. Having played more than fifty roles, the actor never repeated that image, which he had acted earlier. This striking quality never ceased to amaze the leading theater actors, who no doubt admired this astonishing candor and skill.


Abror was very grateful to his parents, as his mother, a respectable woman, instilled in him a sense of responsibility, and his father, a talented musician, helped develop the subtle ear for music, which then more than once helped the actor during the performance. Starting in the theater group with female roles, the actor gradually rose and, as a result, received such immortal roles, such as Shakespeare’s Othello. It is this image that so much struck many viewers, that this role was unanimously recognized as Abror’s top creative role. The same stellar roles became Gafur and Navoi, bringing the actor the fame of an inimitable artist. There was a constant rumor around the great artist that the nature put him this talent and, that it is not necessary to put personal any effort to become such. However, what he had achieved Abror Khidoyatov he did with his own effort. Call – (+998 71) 244-05-78, 244-13-72.