At N.Saraev Street, 29 enthusiasts of local color and national traditions can find a real « Karakalpak-aul” or “Yurt ». This is a mock yurt is a decoration to the national cafe « Jipek Zholy », always ready to welcome fans to try a real Karakalpak cuisine. Here you can feel the spirit of national traditions, combining the satisfaction of hunger with an expanded view of the mentality and way of life of the people of Karakalpakstan. The interesting interior design with the use of folk garments, representing the life and work of the people, musical instruments contributes to such feeling. Before offering the food the guests are invited to wash their hands in the traditional way using a special copper jug called “Kumgon”.The guests will be pleased with a big variety of dishes on the menu not only of national beshbarmak, “turama” (cut meat), shorpo (meat soup), zhugerigurtik and Lagman, but also of European dishes. Contrary to popular stereotypes, the cafe will offer guests even pork dishes. Vegetarians will also be pleasantly surprised to find a vegetarian menu in this cafe.Fans of outdoor dining will be delighted by thatched cabins in the courtyard of the cafe. Everyone can feel like a true Karakalpak by choosing pastime in the yurt located in the courtyard next to the thatched cabins.

You cannot leave the cafe « Zhipek Zholy » without tasting delicious, fragrant flat breads, baked here in a traditional oriental oven called “tandyr”. The average cost per meal will be only 4-5 US $.