Not far from the Central Department Store on Abdurrahman Jami Street, 37 restaurant Astoria Classic pleasantly opens its doors to visitors. At the entrance you are welcomed by a doorman, helpfully inviting you to one of the best restaurants of Samarkand city. Unimaginably beautiful interior décor, the halls with intersecting lines of real gold, are much like the famous Malachite Room with streaks of real gold, located in the Hermitage. The humpback bridges, decorated with wrought-iron railings attach special highlight. Three halls, the main one, a little smaller one and a VIP-lounge for small companies, without waiting for the arrival of unexpected guests are for the service of the guests.


On the first floor visitors can enjoy a varied entertainment show programs with the participation of famous musicians. But the second floor is like a small island of Venice, made in an exclusive Italian style, as beautiful pictures in the appropriate design have always been one of the features of the Venetian culture. The ground floor is perfectly visible from the second tier, which also allows guests to enjoy recreational activities from above.


By visiting the restaurant Astoria Classic, you get into the world of eternal romance. The light of the halls is created by many small bulbs, strongly resembling chandeliers. And closer to the middle of the night real chandeliers are lit in the halls, and shadows from the candles falling on the walls and tables, create a magical dance, taking you fully into the world of beauty. The restaurant kitchen is also unique. European dishes are astonishingly varied, as well as a selection of wonderfully prepared seafood.