Ichan-Kala is a fortified city, which still lives its own isolated life. Here in the ancient madrasah of the XIX century Allakuli-khan is located the eponymous authentic art-restaurant. One evening in the walls of madrasah will enrich your horizons with the most vivid knowledge of Khiva culture.


The restaurant is not in vain put a piece of art. Not only does the interior itself reflect all the details of oriental culture, but the very environment of the old building will remind you of what era you are in. The main hall of the restaurant is decorated with wooden beams, aged photographs, kitchen utensils, lamps and so on. In summer it will not be superfluous to spend the evenings on the wide summer terrace, where, under the melodies of the medieval East, you are exactly transferred to the pages of folk tales.


The menu of the art-restaurant consists of traditional Uzbek dishes, preference is given, of course, to the cuisine of Khiva. Sitting behind the darshan, we advise you to choose your choice in favor of Khorezm pilov, the mastava. Khiva cuisine also offers other unique dishes: cyme « Zeravshan » (meat in Llyzon), tukhum barak.


On request, you can complement your dinner with a presentation consisting of dances from different national schools.


So for one evening in the art-restaurant « Madrasah of Allakuli-khan » you will get to know the beauty and uniqueness of medieval Khiva. If you ever walk along the ancient streets of Ichan Kala, take a look at this cozy restaurant and at least for a short while will feel what it means to be a Khiva!