« Malika Kheivak » is a rather famous restaurant in Khiva. It is often recommended to tourists by guides. Probably, this is due to the fact that the restaurant is located in the same hotel. But with this thesis can and be argued. The interior here is almost no different from the typical hotel restaurants, what can I say. No national ornaments, everything is clean, neat, without unnecessary decorations. They do not come here for a pleasant stay with friends, namely, it is tasty and dense to eat. Well, in this respect, the restaurant has greatly succeeded. The range of dishes is quite wide. The most popular is the excellent Khiva plov, not comparable with Tashkent and Samarkand, a special type of lagman (green noodles with dill), shish kebabs. There are other national dishes, in particular, Khiva cuisine. The bar menu includes alcoholic beverages. It is not superfluous to note that in the menu of the restaurant all prices are prescribed. This is an important fact, as in the Khiva restaurants do not always consider it necessary to specify prices.


The only obstacle is the long service and lack of places due to the larger number of tourist groups. There are also few waiters here. Therefore, we strongly advise you to book a table in advance.


Restaurant « Malika Kheivak » is an excellent combination of service, quality and deliciously prepared dishes and a restrained style. The number of visitors is impressive. It will seem unreasonable for many to wait for a table that has been freed, but believe me, the Khiva pilaf, which is cooked here, is definitely worth it.