Comfortable home-style rooms, a dense foliage, richly decorated with bright patches of color, lots of fun, designed for any age – is not this the secret of a wonderful holiday? All of these pleasures can offer pension Tulpar, which is near the village Bosteri lying bliz turquoise expanses of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world Issyk-Kul. Mountain foothills, reflected in the calm surface of emerald forest – all this attracts to the region a lot of vacationers every year. Pleasant flight Uzbek airlines and non-burdensome transfer from Bishkek to the small town Bosteri, will take you to this charming hotel. Kyrgyz Tour Operators recommend choosing this hotel to the travelers, who are used to accurately calculate their budget on vacation and do not want to overpay for excessive comfort room, content needs trifles. So the hotel could be part of a cheap tour .


Can accommodate multi-storey buildings or to find a room in a cozy cottage, bestowing greater privacy. The main thing is that all the rooms offer only a delightful view of the surrounding mountains and the azure expanse of the Issyk-Kul. This creates a charming home comfort and unsophisticated interior and comfortable furniture. This is not the only guests to stay comfortably, but things get comfortable in the spacious wardrobe. It features a TV, refrigerator, ready to accommodate a lot of goodies, and comfortable shower. Nothing more, but also in the room, after discovering the magnificent territory, I do not want to stay.


Full of bright colors and amazing smelling area with shady avenues and charming lawns where you can relax, inhaling the fragrant, filled with mountain air freshness. Where you can find a variety of sports grounds for a variety of games. Hooked volleyball nature will be able to leave the ball, or the ball in dashing football. Work out the « three-pointer » can be on the basketball court. A refreshing dip is possible not only in the waters of the lake, but also his body sprawled in the stroke in the pool. For those who prefer to spend time in sports activities under the roof, there is a large complex that hides within its walls a gym equipped with weight training apparatus, sauna, games room with ping-pong and a room equipped with several pool tables, good that this game It does not require much physical effort.


In addition to sports entertainment and the hotel offers a variety of wellness programs. There is an office where you can go through several types of massage, and medical office is always ready to provide any necessary assistance or advice for travelers.


And just a few steps away is the beautiful beach, generously offering guests lie down on the chaise longue and substitute his mortal body caressing rays of light, generous coloring it in noble bronze. For those who prefer to keep the milk-white skin tone, there are sprawling umbrellas. However, for this pleasure will have to pay, but the location on the gentle sand – absolutely free. At the pier sway jet skis and boats. Swing on a lazy wave, enthusiastically shaking his pedals, can be on a catamaran. To feel the real speed, you just ride a scooter or soar into the blue sky under the dome of a parachute. For a friendly company perfect banana and throw unlucky riders into the cool water.


In search of adventure, you can go to and outside of this hotel Kyrgyzstan , for example, a horse ride through the picturesque surroundings, or try their hand at physical endurance in the foot march, the benefit that halts you can treat yourself to a fabulous BBQ from fresh meat, and that can be tastier than food cooked on the fire. The hotel can organize any other excursion of your choice, such as ethnographic.