Hotel Solemar tempts all sorts of entertainment and promises a magical vacation on the northern shore of the most famous sights of Kyrgyzstan Issyk-Kul Lake. Mysterious temples and long-lost city, jealously hidden in the water column, stunning scenery, where the mountains with sharp peaks rhyme placid surface of the lake, the first year attract many travelers. Voyage here is not as complicated as it seems: the flight Uzbekistan Airways and lulling trip by car to the small town Kormudu, and you’re already in Solemare. Tour operator Kyrgyzstan recommend the book, this version of the travelers who from his hotel come to expect not only homeless, but and all kinds of entertainment that fill the day and evening, and leaving no room for lazy boring.


The hotel is focused exclusively on summer vacation, and therefore awaits vacationers only from June to September. The fluffy green woven intelligently thought-out territory is hiding charming cottages, where you can choose a room based on the budget and focusing on the number of tourists. Simple designed for a couple or three campers and consist of one room. The most luxurious are ready to accept up to 5 vacationers generously knead them into the whole five rooms impressive two-storey villa. If the furnishings of the rooms and the interiors may vary, the essential elements of democratic united all the options for accommodation. This TV with multiple channels, a mini kitchen, accommodating everything you need, namely, utensils, fridge and kettle, of course, electrical and bathroom, where water procedures can be accepted, or splashing in the bath or rain shower, depending on the room category . In any cottage you can make friends with wi-fi.


Leisure guests careful attention to detail. Those who prefer an active pastime will surely please the well-equipped tennis courts. Mash upper and lower limbs can be in one of the team games such as football, or volleyball. To do this, there are tools, and specially equipped playgrounds. For those who strictly observes the form, but zealously ride does not like open gym. For bad weather is perfect for table tennis. If bad weather is accompanied by another and a desire to spend time in pleasant conversation is your choice of billiards. And to relax after a fun game or start the day with an Olympic swim is possible and in the outdoor pool. Prefer observe rather than participate, near the artificial lagoon gently sun loungers and shaded canopy tempting drinks and all kinds of things to eat at the snack bar. Shady alleys and surrounding landscaped walkway if created for cycling, recover to explore remote mountain villages may be a moped, and delve into the off-road ATV. For those who prefer to have fun with a minimum of physical effort, a water park.


Charming picnic, a romantic date or a family holiday can be arranged in one of the secluded pavilions. Yearned for a culinary experience offering surprise your loved ones by preparing something of such things on the barbecue. Everything you need you can buy at the store, which is located immediately at the hotel.


The main advantage of the hotel: a magnificent beach, glittering with natural sand. For fans of sunbathing loungers, those who prefer not to sunbathe, but in good company and under appropriate snacks to contemplate the natural beauty awaits a cafe on the pier. Near this man-made attractions lazily transshipped from wave to wave proud yachts and boats brisk. It would be a desire, and one of these swimming, you can go to a fascinating cruise on the surrounding waters. Or rush after a powerful means swimming water skiing. For those who yearn for the sea spray, but improved in the sport is not ready on the shore tempt cheesecake and banana. Explore the lake expanses can, famously cutting wave on a water bike or lazily turning the pedals on a catamaran.


Many adventures are waiting for vacationers and outside the hotel. You can smartly fly into the saddle and ride a steed in the surrounding trails, go on a fascinating journey on foot with an experienced instructor in the dizzying mountain paths, to experience the full power of the rapid river, down the breakers and rolled onto the raft. And for those who are looking for adventurism and comfort, there is a car and less energy-intensive option explore the surrounding attractions. A middle option is a tour through the picturesque foothills of the bicycle. For fishing fans will organize special tours across the expanses of the Issyk-Kul. If the performance in this difficult matter to you is a first-class value, the worth of DMPA in a special reservoir, the hotel can organize, and such a journey.


And to relax after a busy day, enjoying one of the many treatments in the SPA-complex, or stretched out on the bunk of one of the two saunas. Fortunately, that evening, you will find passionate rhythms of breathing and glowing lights of a disco. Those who move are no longer able to, can just have fun, watching the bright show, penned for dinner. Or sing something emotional in a karaoke club.


To actively entertain travelers are not distracted by little things like search for food at the hotel’s restaurant, where, in accordance with the schedule of exactly three times daily local and European dishes appear on the « buffet ». The power cannot limit yourself, it is included in the room rate.


This Kirghizia hotel does not forget about his little guests. In order of their vacation, too, has become a real holiday here have built a playground, swimming pool equipped with a suitable depth, and in case of bad weather the children’s room equipped with a mass of toys. To rest was held not only a pleasure, but also the benefit, children engaged an experienced teacher, carefully organizing their leisure. For older kids opened a cinema and evening pastime enrich computer games.