Not far from the famous resort town of Cholpon-Ata on the shores of the unique natural attractions of Kyrgyzstan, located Sinegorye pension. From many other Kyrgyzstan hotels located in this region, it is distinguished by the fact that the guest house was built recently, so the entire internal infrastructure and filling is made ​​with the latest technology and high quality materials. At the same time, particularly pleased to become implanted in the Room, appearance is not the story of the beautiful, full of the events of past years and the specific preferences of the previous guests. Everything here sparkles with freshness and novelty. Pension Sinegorye located near the picturesque town of Kormudy, get in that can make a flight Uzbekistan Airways , and selecting one of the appropriate ways to move up Kormudy. A shuttle bus or Tour operator Kyrgyzstan recommend choosing this hotel to those travelers that are protective of the budget laid down on vacation, and numerous attractions in the area prefer exceptional comfort rooms. It is easy to find and cheap tour.


Which accommodation options choose depends on the size of the group, go on holiday, as well as the financial capacity of guests. Cozy cottages gingerbread houses hiding in the shadows spreading delicate green park. For the convenience of guests there is a room, consisting of one, two or three rooms. Regardless of the number of rooms and the value of square meters, you will certainly find in his chambers refrigerator, spacious bathroom, where the washing has cold and hot water and TV, ready day and night to broadcast a wide variety of channels. Despite the apparent compactness, Sinegorye ready to bestow their hospitality to 200 guests.


Recreation is offered here is not so much active as contemplative natures. Stressed pastime, flavored with a variety of sports you do not like – then welcome to the guesthouse. During the day you can lie on the beach lined with sand, or enjoy the gentle touch of the lake waves, immersed in cool turquoise Issyk-Kul. The local climate has a very beneficial effect on health, and the spicy mountain air, it seems you can drink, and do not breathe. The sun’s rays gently stained body in noble bronze tint, saturating the mortal shell vigor and health.


When health seems filleth your body, you can go to a local bar or play a couple of three parties in the pool. For those who prefer to hide a computer club, open from sunlight. Romantic mood nature will be able to arrange an unforgettable evening in the fireplace room, where soothing crackling logs in the glow of a flame so nice, sprawled in a soft chair, contemplate the expanse of silk, lace foam of the Issyk-Kul. If you prefer to indulge his mortal shell, not only ultraviolet baths and water treatments, you can give yourself into the caring and sensitive hands of an experienced masseur.


And in the evening, feeling of such hedonistic vacation incredible burst of energy, you can go into a cheerful dance on the local disco.


Also wonderful tan and incredibly cheerful mood, would you like to take away from here and vivid pictures, then you should sign up for a fishing tour and try to extract from indigo subsurface lake magnificent trophy. Or arrange a real adventure, and led by experienced travelers strive to explore the local mountain scenery and vertiginous trails in real hiking. Seeking a little more romance and closeness to nature thirsty fit horse ride, from the natural world you will only separate the saddle.