Murok Plus

Murok Pension Plus offers a taste of all the delights of rest on turquoise Issyk-Kul Lake, enjoying the summer sun splashes or snow-covered mountain expanses. This hotel Kyrgyzstan is ready to receive guests in their walls all year round. Holidaymakers are waiting for an amazing warm climate, which does not stint on the 2700 hours of sunshine a year. In the turquoise waves so nice to take a fascinating trip on a pleasure steamer, peering into the water column and hoping to see the shadow of lost cities or magical silhouettes sunken temples.


Like many hotels in Kyrgyzstan, pension Murok Plus is ready to pamper their guests, taking them unchanged eastern generosity. To find yourself in the comfort of walls, travelers need only take a flight Uzbekistan Airways directly to Bishkek and book a trip to the town Bozteri, where in cozy shade of green Kusch knead hotel Murok Plus. Tour operators Kyrgyzstan according, the hotel seems designed for outdoor enthusiasts and those who want to experience the stunning scenic expanse.


You can accommodate in a wonderful two-story building, or select one of the cottages that tempt guests more privacy and comfort. For a carefree holiday in the rooms can easily find such important little things that create perfect conditions for a wonderful holiday furniture, sensitively designed kitchenettes, offering a lot of detail on the desired appliances to cookware, and a bathroom, inspiring its open spaces.


However, to experience their own culinary talents during the holidays does not make sense at the hotel, not far from the coast is located the wonderful restaurant, tempting guests with aromatic dishes, combining Eastern traditions and European recipes. What is particularly nice, with payment number, you will automatically receive three free meals a day throughout the holiday, so you can saturate your stomach, not knowing limits. A sit down with a glass or treat yourself to a snack in the bar, near the azure Issyk-Kul, where charming views will be a pleasant addition to a romantic meal.


For those who can not imagine a vacation without exciting sports activities, open pool and playground with a variety of exercise machines. Nearby is a wonderful sauna, where you can pamper your mortal shell warm relaxing after a long hike or intense exercise.


Near the comfortable and cozy rooms is a strip of snow-white soft sand. If lazy broiling in the rays of the southern lights, for the noble bronze color sicken you, although it has sun loungers and umbrellas and sprawling, it is possible to plunge into the invigorating coolness of the lake waves. In addition to the beaches it offers a huge amount of entertainment. Brave offers sweeping Jetski and unforgettable trip under the clouds on a parachute. You can try your hand in the fight against the wind and waves by windsurfing, go deep diving, or fishing recover, hoping to extract an impressive trophy. On the beach suddenly bored campers with pleasure and enthusiasm enthusiastically entertaining than the team of animators.


A lot of entertainment is offered, and outside this hotel Kyrgyzstan. Romantic nature can opt for horse trekking, those who prefer to travel by foot, waiting for walks along mountain trails. To test your courage and strength is by going to a delightful trip on the wild Blanker rivers on rafts or boats. More relaxed and does not require so much physical effort adventure – this boat trips across the expanses of the Issyk-Kul. Ethnographic journey will delight those who during a vacation would like to learn something new and interesting about the country in which they rest. Pension employees are always ready to help in the organization of this rather masculine pastime like fishing and hunting.


If in addition to simple relaxation you require further treatment, and then undergo the necessary course can be in a sanatorium Kirghiz beach is located nearby. During these procedures will need to pay separately.


This hotel is Kyrgyzstan with exceptional attention and care refers to the youngest guests. For those age are still interested in a playground, there is a great swing, ready to climb into the blue sky, luxury sandpit, various shells and dizzying roller coaster. If the weather is not happy, you can always hide in the children’s room and a huge pile of toys to explore, build a castle of the designers and to nurse dolls.