Meerim Murok

Guesthouse Meerim Murok – Kyrgyzstan is a small hotel with its own range of entertainment, bred on the pension Murok Plus. Kyrgyzstan This hotel awaits guests at least a year-round, offering all kinds of entertainment in both winter and summer. The beautiful expanse of Lake Issyk-Kul, a unique warm climate and picturesque mountain scenery of the neighborhood make this region the most popular area of Kyrgyzstan among travelers. There is much to see and naturalists, and fans of historical monuments.


And most importantly, get here there is no difficulty – only flight Uzbekistan Airways to the capital of Kyrgyzstan, and then a fascinating trip to the village Bozteri, and guests can choose any mode of transportation, according to their financial possibilities and requirements for comfort – shuttle, train or bus. Tour operator Kyrgyzstan recommends it for gay youth groups.


The guest house offers a variety of options for accommodation, but, despite the modest price, you are able to find all the little things and amenities such as television unchanged, excellent in quality wooden furniture, a spacious bathroom with hot and cold water, and even a refrigerator.


I own a restaurant where you can try something from the local exotic, or savor the familiar and dear to the heart of Russian dishes, is open from morning to evening. Cooks guest house prefer local products, which are also known for the excellent quality and high in nutrients. If the stomach requires something less than impressive, the legs should take guests to the bar, where you can always arrange a light snack. Here it is worth to taste and local drinks, romantic surroundings of the lake scenery please the eye.


If campers do not imagine the holiday without exciting sports, the guest house is happy to provide them with such an opportunity. Lovers of sports bar should look into the billiard room. In sauna where you can warm up your soul from the mortal body and appreciate both. There is even a movie theater, where in the evenings you can enthusiastically forgotten, lost in the world of cinema, or just have fun at one of the great parties. Once a week, especially for travelers on the territory of the present suit fair.


However, the lake usually goes to indulge in all kinds of water and beach activities, especially when it comes to summer time. Sandy Spit, twisted fringe of the surf from the turquoise waters of the lake, and lures lie down on one of the sun loungers and wrap myself in the warm rays caressing sun. Or break the surface of the spray in a million, plunged headlong into the water column. If such unpretentious entertainment you do not like, you can always pick up something more extreme and luxurious. For example, a boat trip. Or flight under canopy. Do you want to fly, not looking up from the surface of the water – try to stay on the banana. You prefer to manage the process yourself – hire a jet ski. Would you like to look under the water surface of Lake Issyk-Kul – here there are courses for divers.


It is available at this hotel Kyrgyzstan and incredible tour to explore the surrounding natural beauty and cultural attractions. To at least for a moment forget about the comfort and cosiness, enough to go horse riding or hiking, in order to explore the local canyons, mountain passes and surprisingly rich natural life of the local rocks. To swim plenty in cold water enough to ride an inflatable raft and experience the strength of their nerves, conquering a mountain stream. Exciting ethnographic journey, during which you can get acquainted with the peculiarities of life of local tribes, see the real yurt and more, also organizes guest house. Finally, there is fishing and hunting addictive – you are in Issyk-Kul, which is known for its rich fauna.


One of the additional advantages of this hotel Kyrgyzstan – a location not far from the resort Kirghiz beach where you can go if you want your vending procedures. However, this pleasure is paid for separately. If you were in the company of kids, bored they just will not. The territory has its own playground, equipped with all sorts of attractions, well situated near the magnificent beach, where you can build sand castles all day long.