Maksat Pension offers a taste of all the delights of a summer pastime, full of sparkling water spray, fervent sun laughter and tender grains of sand, clinging to the soles of the feet on the turquoise Lake Issyk-Kul. Kyrgyz Tour Operators recommend it for families with children, as all in the space of the boarding house is thought to perfect recreation small guests, even life here stops after 10 pm, promising babies sleep well. This Kirghizia hotel operates only in the summer from the beginning of May to the end of September.


Comfortable flight Uzbekistan Airways to the city of Bishkek, scenic ride on the shuttle bus to the town of Cholpon-Ata, and you are surrounded by constant care and hotel staff can with feeling and really enjoy all the benefits offered by the hotel Maksat.


This is one of the few Kyrgyzstan hotels in the region, which is not directly near the coast and in the city itself. However, the noise of living a bright life of the resort does not disturb the sweet dream of rest – large, painted with bright colors of emerald lush vegetation area reliably protects them rest. But on a leisurely walking distance are many shops, bristling with energy morning local market and charming restaurants.


However, when the pension is also a restaurant tempts guests alluring aromas of fresh dishes prepared by Russian and Asian recipes from only fresh local ingredients. For hungry juicy flavored piece of meat, a local chef is always ready to cook juicy kebab.


Comfortable rooms, knead in one of the four buildings, guests are pampered by such trifles familiar as a TV and a refrigerator, please comfortable and functional environment, and most importantly lull special orthopedic beds. If a snack is planned within the walls of rooms, you can always take advantage of the available dishes.


The spacious green areas open to hotel guests. Next to his heart’s content, you can work out in the game of table tennis.


For young guests are not tormented by boredom, for they open a great playground where the whole day and night under the open sky, you can climb, swing, and fun to fly a race with the dashing slides. And outside the boarding house just 5 minutes, you can find a large park, where malyshni attracts many attractions.


Unhindered journey and you’re on the beach. Those who do not splashing in the waves, or the expectation of horizontal lazy sunbathing on a sun lounger, can try their hand at beach volleyball or rip tide and to obscure the sky veil shining splashes on a water bike. You can try your hand at windsurfing or ride on a pleasure boat. And soar into the piercing blue sky under a spreading parachute, rushing behind a boat. The beach has a team of animators, entertaining those who accidentally got bored.


You can relax outside this hotel Kyrgyzstan . For fans of active tourism, offering exotic horse rides, exciting trips to the local mountain trails, Navigating Turbulent Blanker rivers on rafts or boats, boat trips along the azure expanse of the Issyk-Kul. For those who prefer to get acquainted with the history and culture of the country, offered to go to the ethnographic journey. For fans of active interaction with the natural environment in the hotel can organize fishing trips.


If the case, but rather the impossibility of them do, impede the smooth flow of holiday, you can find the business center is always at the hotel, where, in addition to conference facilities, has everything required for business events, as well as remote control of the way the stems worker process.