Guesthouse Kochkor

Sixty kilometers from the Issyk-Kul Lake is the picturesque town of Kochkor. Here you can see the real life of rural Kyrgyzstan with all its exotic beauty and unique oriental way of life. The village is a charming hotel Kochkor Guest House, which offers a unique home-like atmosphere and charming comfort, this is one of the few Kyrgyzstan hotels in the region. At breakfast and dinner guests to prepare wonderful dishes of national cuisine, and the very way of cooking and recipes are handed down in the family from generation to generation, and so to try these dishes anywhere else, even in the most posh restaurant, you will not succeed. Fortunately, that will cook for you like for this family and not for visitors. You can spend the night in one of three charming houses. Here you will not freeze even in the cold season, rooms are heated with coal, but in my heart always have hot water. For more exotic toilets are outside, so you feel like a real traveler who happened to find themselves on the Silk Road a couple of centuries ago. One night here costs about $ 13, so the hotel fits the budget and cheap travel.


Lodging is available for one night, following to the Issyk-Kul, and a few days to explore the scenic surroundings. The village itself has a long and glorious history, it was here that once stayed full of unprecedented wealth caravans that came down from the Torugart. They needed a short rest on the way to Kashgar oasis, an ancient Chinese city, who was a necklace of the Silk Road. Local residents were treated to not only travelers with extraordinary dishes and offer them a quiet night, but they themselves were ready to fill sacks traders magnificent curiosities. The local craftsmen of old were famous for their distinctive crafts, and this tradition has not faded yet. So fans of exotic souvenirs should look to local shops where you can buy unique items for next to nothing – in two or three times cheaper than in Bishkek.


In Kochkor shimmering azure Son-Kul Lake, known for its healing properties, which is recommended to visit the tour operators of Kyrgyzstan . A little time spent in the former salt mines, a magical impact on your health, the air saturated with useful substances every breath cures asthma and various allergies.