Not so long ago rebuilt hotel Bakyt, nestled in the famous resort town of Cholpon-Ata, it offers its guests not only enjoy the open view where the horizon was discharged line cardiogram galloping dashes, then soaring into the sky with snow-white peaks of the mountains, the litter strokes shady gorges and dance this calms the mirror calm surface of Lake Issyk-Kul. The very picturesque town boasts many stunning restaurants, popular nightclubs and lovely bars. Pension, small in size, enchants guests a quiet family atmosphere, while offering a lot of all kinds of entertainment that will delight both adults and kids. To be here, you just get from Bishkek to Cholpon-Ata, or transfer or bus, and even the capital of Kyrgyzstan, you will take a flight Uzbekistan Airways. Tour operators Kyrgyzstan believe that the best places for couples or active young people are hard to find.


You can stay in one of the charming cottages, or you can choose a two-storey or single-storey building. There are rooms designed for any number of guests, you can choose among them, and based on the budget, pledged to travel. However, large companies will have to settle a few rooms, more than three people Cottage not appropriate. But it holds charming furniture and tempt soft curves, a great television, a spacious fridge, hides in its bosom, and delicious drinks, and all sorts of edibles, and a luxury bathroom where you can find everything you need for a comfortable bathing.


A rustling outside the window and poured all shades of emerald green of the park. Shady alleys, nooks, tastefully hidden from the eyes of idle lush interlacing branches, and the bright colors of flowers, coloring delicate foliage. Ironed velvet lawns create a wonderful atmosphere of tranquility and comfort.


On the territory you can find gorgeous outdoor swimming pool, where you can make a quick swim in the morning or just lazily swing on the waves on a hot afternoon. In the evening you can entertain yourself with the fascinating game of billiards. Or playfully jump around the table, ping-pong table, famously beating balls. Relax after strenuous sports pinning high hopes can be in the massage room, where sensitive and skilled hands stretch every aching muscle. Or enjoy the warmth and bliss, which gives the local sauna.


Magnificent water park on the sandy beach is waiting for you, where dizzying loops slides directly down to the surface of the lake. Near Marina boats quietly asleep, waiting for an occasion zealously rush through the waves, leaving foamy surf, so those wishing to ride through the picturesque expanse of Lake Issyk-Kul. You can lazily twist pedals, proudly and slowly moving along the coast on a catamaran. Or write down the famously intricate bending or whimsical flourish, briskly rushing behind a boat on water skis. For a fun family groups or friendly parties perfectly suitable trip on a banana, which is always ready to drop riders impishly into the water. And you can jump on the waves or splashing foam pieces, fun driving a water motorcycle.


On the beautiful beach, lined with a thin veil of sand, deck chairs thoughtfully asleep, ready to bend under the weight of sunbathers. And bestowing shade umbrellas, openwork lace paint on white whimsical drawings. Nearby is a lovely café where admiring the gorgeous scenery, you can treat yourself to a cup of something tasty and easy to eat.


But something more satisfying is to look at a local restaurant, the benefit that it serves extremely delicious European cuisine. Or you can enjoy anything from local delicacies. Fortunately, for making use exclusively fresh produce delivered from local farms, which generally tend to hotels Kyrgyzstan.