Lake Goygol

In the west of Azerbaijan, at the impressive slopes of Mount Kapaz, there is a lake of the country with a cozy cozy name Goygol, stunning in its picturesqueness and tempting with clear waters. Tour operators of Azerbaijan arrange trips for connoisseurs of natural beauty here. This pond shines with its turquoise waters on the grounds of the national park, which also carries the name.

Many lovers of nature are amazed at the diversity and richness of the lush vegetation, as well as in the unique selection of fauna. But swimming in the lake is possible only for walruses. The water temperature in August does not rise above the frenzied ones plus 17 ° C. But this disadvantage is easily compensated by local natural attractions.

Goygol is translated from the language of Azerbaijan as « Blue Lake ». Its name surprisingly accurately reflects that indescribable shade, which has a natural lagoon. Any picturesque tour of Azerbaijan will become poor without this picture. The water in the lake is amazingly beautiful in color, which you can even drink. It is clean, transparent both on the surface and at great depths. The depth of the lake varies from 30 m to 96 m, its width is about 800 m in width, and 2800 m in length. Of course, with Baikal it can not be compared, but in size it is considered to be one of the largest natural reservoirs in Azerbaijan.

The shore of Goygol, which occupies the northern part of the lake, is decorated with a resort where tourists come to rest. Local air and microclimate has a curative beneficial effect on people suffering from air passages and complaining of the nervous system. The lake is rich in natural beauty. It is known that around it grow more than 423 species of shrubs, medicinal plants, trees. In the lake there is a trout, and around it live wolves, foxes, deer, roe deer, jackals, bears and many other animals. Tourist routes are laid along the national park around the lake. Which is very dangerous to go by yourself. It is advisable to take with a failed experienced conductor, who will acquaint you with the most picturesque corners of the natural national heritage and will reveal the amazingly beautiful lake landscapes in front of you.

The lake is famous not only for its virgin natural beauty. It is also remarkable for its history. In the 19th century, the German colonists inhabited the gabled area of ​​the Goygol area. On the site of the ancient village of Khanlyglar in 1819 on August 22 they laid the future Khanlar – the city of Yelenendorf. On the modern territory of the region, it is easy to find about 30 architectural and historical monuments to this day. The territory of the German heritage is carefully guarded. Notable in Hanlar is the Lutheran Church and the three bridges erected by German hands in 1854. Travelers can also see local valuable cultural heritage: cemeteries (the end of the Bronze Age of the Iron Age) on the territory of Gushgar and Balchyly, Gabriel Temple (Shahriyar), Anagid Mausoleum (Chaikend), Maiden Tower (Uchbulag). Here you can find several hotels in Azerbaijan.