History of Azerbaijan

The five-thousand-year history of existence is rich in the country of the East Azerbaijan. The first appearances of various national formations on the territory were marked at the end of the 6th century BC. Atropatena and the Caucasian Albania, the strongest states that existed at that historical stretch on this earth, played an important role in shaping the united people. Then the country was occupied by the Iranian Sasanids. They were replaced by the Arab caliphate, thanks to which Arabs and Iranians live on the territory.

Adoption of Islam in the VII century AD was a turning point in the history of Azerbaijan. For new customs and traditions, the unification of peoples and the formation of one language, religion has had its influence. The appearance on the territory of such states as Shirvanshahi, Ravvadid, Sajid, Salarid and Sheddadid, influenced the political upsurge of Azerbaijan. The time has come for the name of the Renaissance, historians say. The unification of Azerbaijani lands began about 500 years ago. The Safavid state was formed due to the connection of the southern and northern lands by Shah Ismail Khatai as one of the influential Middle Eastern empires. Follower of Shah Ismail became Nadir Shah. He expanded the territory of the state, capturing northern India. On the Khanate and the Sultanate, the empire disintegrated after the death of Nadir Shah.

The famous Azerbaijani dynasty of Ghajara came to power over Iran at the end of the 18th century. Their goal was to create a centralized state and return all territories that submitted to Nadir Shah. Fierce resistance at that time was provided by Russia, which wanted to seize the South Caucasus. Long-term wars were resolved by negotiations and agreement on the division of land. Iran received the South, and Russia – Northern Azerbaijan. During the rule of Soviet power, Azerbaijan acquires the status of one of the socialist republics. The country as a republic existed until 1991. Afterwards independence was proclaimed after the withdrawal from the Soviet Union.