Customs of Azerbaijan

Tour to Azerbaijan, like a trip to any other power, is connected with passage of certain formalities. Customs also applies to this. In completing the declaration for unlimited import and export of currency there is no need. As for alcohol and tobacco products, they are subject to the following restrictions:

  • 1000 cigarettes;
  • 1500 ml of alcoholic beverages and 2000 ml of wine;
  • the total amount of imported goods is not more than 10 thousand dollars.


From the territory of the state it is allowed to export products and goods purchased in the country, and own things. As for the export of antiques, manuscripts, precious stones and coins, their export is completely banned. Also prohibited is the transit of narcotic drugs and their analogues, audio and video materials that offend the ethical standards of this state.


The export of black caviar is allowed within 0.6 kg per person. The goods of the national craft, issued before 1960, are subject to excise duties, since they are considered antiques. However, there are exceptions if the goods are purchased in an art salon, gallery or exhibition and there are corresponding documentation from the Ministry of Culture allowing the export, thereby exempting from excise duty. Products purchased at retail outlets or in shops are not accompanied by such certificates.