In the wild steppes, among the unbridled violence of nature, near the famous mound is Ayaz Kala camp, surrounded by relict ridge and a picturesque lake Ayaz-kul. You can advance to ask the tour operators in Uzbekistan, how many people can stay in a yurt. Usually they are either double or common – up to twenty people. On the floors are thick bed quilts, which are laid over the same warm mattresses. You cannot worry, even if the night will stand out not very warm – warm with good intentions will not work, because each has its own set yurt stove, near which certainly are jugs of water for morning ablutions. Close to residential yurts are equipped with shower, but modern bathrooms. Also at the campsite there are deckchairs, where you can gather with friends, relaxing together, either to retire in silence, enjoying the natural surroundings. Invited to dine in a separate tent, dining room, dishes which are served from the kitchen-tent, where local chefs prepare their culinary delights on three foci.


Rest in the camp is filled with interesting events – each guest will have the opportunity to ride a camel, try the traditional dishes, prepared in a special way, or to devote themselves to night life – songs by the fire and study the bright starry sky. It will be interesting trip to Ayaz-Kala settlement, the ruins of which still can talk about many things that happened here.


At the request of residents, the camp may be invited by local artists who perform traditional-style rooms – in Uzbek, Kazakh and other languages. A trip to the yurt camp is not only the cheapest tour, but also very interesting.