Holiday « Verona »

Beautifully curled in a valley resort town of Jermuk – a true oasis of calm and complete relaxation bliss. Local land famous for its unique climate – mild weather, do not frighten the summer heat and winter frosts, the ideal humidity level, the almost complete absence of strong winds, and almost always shining sun. And still mineral water. Absorbing and valuable nutrients, it makes its way through the solid earth to break the will of the bright, turquoise streams. The healing power of this fluid has been known in ancient times, but only a century ago, the chemical composition has been completely unraveled, and the doctor could say with certainty what ailments it can heal.


However, Jermuk – is not only a place to go to improve their health. It is also a great ski resort, able to teach beginners, and advanced skiers a lot of surprise impenetrable slopes. This gentle slopes in winter are covered with thick velvet greens, among which is so pleasant to wander, when the path gives you the picture of blossoming meadows, the unspeakable dizzying view from the cliff. And it falls. And a number of unique attractions, which are located nearby. Lovely restaurants, tempting mouth-watering dishes, and the tiny summer cafes, tempting sweets and honey ice cream.


Jermuk is famous for its sanatoriums and rest homes. But if here, you did not come with wellness goals, and to rest, it is best to choose one of Armenia hotels in the region. Armenia Tour operators advise travelers prefer to relax in the hotel environment, but at the same time thinking about several procedures to choose one of the hotels, and enroll in a health resort in the procedure. The ideal place, which seems to embody the spirit of Jermuk – a hotel « Verona ». Charming in its simplicity and understated elegance of the building, not in vain received a name of an old and enchantingly romantic Italian city. Light facade looks directly at the tranquil lagoon city lake, on the shiny surface of which the graceful birds glide leisurely, and from the mysterious depths, it seems, are drawn up through the water reflection of green trees adorning the coast. The hotel has been rebuilt recently, so it is cozy and comfortable rooms are equipped with the latest technology. There are chambers designed for any number of guests. Proud singles, romantic couples and family clans with several children – everyone here will find apartment to their liking and requirements for living space. Regardless of the size and category, each room is sure to be paired TV with satellite channels, mini-bar, which is not necessarily break down, or you can simply fill up with all sorts of goodies. In all the hotel space, you can connect to the internet Hassle, is no exception and rooms. Wide windows depict the fascinating scenery of the surrounding hills and the charming picture of the lake. Upholstered furniture, comfortable bed, spacious bathrooms, some of which are equipped with excellent spa showers.


One of the services, which the hotel is famous for – a variety of massages. Appointed by the procedure according to the survey, which the hotel holds an occupational therapist. If there are no complaints, it is possible you will be offered classic massage. For those who feel pain or numbness pick up a special therapeutic massage. Whether that will be assigned, some sessions will grant you unprecedented flexibility and vigor returned. Especially enjoyable massage after a long hike or an air path with a few transfers, for example, flights Uzbekistan Airways .


For those who are looking for holiday joy in motion, the hotel staff is happy to organize an unforgettable trip around the neighborhood on a snowmobile. For those who like the lead vehicle by the power of their own muscles will approach the bike. And in the winter for you gladly arrange a real adventure on the ski slopes. Or offer a delightful turn on snow-covered trails snowmobile.


At the hotel, too, have something to do – then equip a small field for the game of football and a great volleyball. You can drive a tennis ball in fervent ping pong.


The hotel’s restaurant serves a daily three meals, each in a buffet format. Meals are offered exclusively tasty and delicious. At the same time they should be also useful, but because local chef has recipe, as exclusively from environmentally friendly natural products, without the use of harmful methods of cooking to make a real masterpiece.