Transparent mirror surface of the water, lying in the cradle and rock gently squeezed in the embrace of green mountains, this Lake Sevan, which must necessarily look every traveler, appeared in Armenia. Wide open spaces, little lambs poddernutye day stained in different colors, from gentle blue and gold in the morning, to rich purple with purple and bardovym, when the sun is on the wane. Arriving at Sevan better in the summer when the water finally warmed up to tolerable temperature for swimming. Select Armenia hotel on the banks of the natural attractions is not difficult, it is only necessary to determine the price category and its own demands for quality services. According to the Armenian tour operators , to comfortable hotels, ideal for family clans or large companies, concerns, and « Best Western Bohemian ». He rightly deserves its four stars marking the quality level inscribed on its signboard.


Will appreciate the hotel and its location. In addition, it is only forty kilometers away from the capital of Armenia, where you can get a flight Uzbek airlines , it is also located near the very edge of the shore. And just a few kilometers decorates Peninsula gray stone walls of an ancient monastery Sevanavank hoisted here in the ninth century.


In addition to the elegant place in which to settle the hotel, it boasts many more advantages. One of them – beautifully arranged territory, gradually going down to the right bank of the lake. The water surface cuts a wooden pier, which is so nice to watch the waves move, the flight of birds and the brilliance of the sun on an azure Sevan cunt. A small but surprisingly elaborate and adorn the territory of the building the hotel itself. They are all rebuilt in a modern style, and pleasing to the eye sun flowers painting houses, clear and straight lines. The buildings are surrounded by the letter « P » artificial lagoon pool. Here you can swim in a cloudy, chilly day, the water is heated. In one building there are hotel rooms and a restaurant with a bar. Others – this cozy duplex ideal for families with children and fun company.


The pool is open-air terrace, where you can, sprawled on a comfortable deck chair, happy to absorb ultraviolet light magic, slowly but surely covered with bronze tan.


Accommodation at the hotel is divided into two types. The first is the usual hotel rooms, designed to stay here one or a pair of guests. Second, this two-storey cottages, where on the first floor you can find living area and bathroom, and on top of two spacious bedrooms. All apartments are characterized by an elegant and modern decor in subdued pastel colors. Wide and soft beds, large receptacle for things, comfortable work desks and comfortable sofas – all this creates a wonderful cozy and unique home-like atmosphere. Exquisite wallpaper, cream and golden hues and exquisite textiles, all this creates a wonderful feeling of luxury holiday. Spacious and bright bathrooms, encouraging excellent showers that do not give water during ablution, spread huge puddles across the room. Each chambers can find modern TVs. Here you can find a small fridge, a perfect receptacle for all sorts of goodies, caught in the vicinity of the shop. Those who can not imagine themselves living space without the World Wide Web, the Internet will be delighted presence frisky. Bedroom Cottage hide behind curtains curtains are small but cozy balcony. Hence, drinking a morning cup of coffee, so nice to look at the water surface of the lake.


The hotel is open and on-site restaurant, where guests are pampered delicious dishes belonging to the masterpieces of Armenian cuisine, and the best examples of European cuisine. Tables are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. By the morning meal tables decorated with numerous dishes buffet. In addition, the restaurant can be a family celebration or a large-scale event. Located near the freshwater reservoir, the Armenian hotel consistently pleases its guests and delicious fish dishes. And through the wide panoramic windows offer exceptional view of the lake in the distance the shimmering surface of Lake Sevan. There is also a cozy bar, where you can really feel and taste all kinds of Armenian drinks, from ruby, thick blood like wine before the shimmering amber luster cognac sunset sun. As well as other alcoholic beverages. And in the summer, when the heat comes on Sevan, right near the pier offers a charming café, where all sorts of delicacies, from light snacks to hearty aroma of hot dishes can be enjoyed directly in the fresh air.


If the weather is not conducive to long walks along the lake, splashing in its waters, or a voyage on a sailing boat on the waves of Blanker, you can entertain yourself with a game of pool or darts. Or jump around playfully tennis table, famously playing ping-pong.


« Best Western Bohemian » affectionately refers to the little guests. For them it is equipped with a great play area in the open air, and in the hotel waiting room, stuffed with all sorts of toys. And for the older kids discovered a great game, equipped with computers.


There is also a full range of services designed to turn a pleasant holiday in a carefree. This transfer, which easily takes you to the Yerevan airport, and laundry, and professional medical services, as well as a travel desk, which not only organizes your trip, but also all the necessary armor and provides tickets.


The « Best Western Bohemian » has its own business center, equipped with all necessary equipment, including computers, printers and copiers, which can be useful for both business travelers and easy. Immediately located and conference hall.