Holiday « Dilijan »

In this green corner, bestowing rest and replenish inspiration, which is a beautiful name Dilijan, so nice to relax a couple of weeks, breathing healthy mountain air, while admiring the wonderful peaceful scenery and quietly walking through the narrow ancient streets, listening to the echo of their steps on the stone pavement is born gray, rough walls. Soft and smooth contours of the mountains, the bright sun, filling the skies above Dilijan luscious frosting and an amazing atmosphere of peace and tranquility – all this has made the city the list of the most popular resorts of Armenia.


To enjoy its picturesque medieval streets, and at the same time to be away from the noise and hubbub of the city center, the tour operators of Armenia advised travelers to opt for a wellness center « Dilijan ». This Armenia hotel is not in vain won numerous accolades from their guests. Quiet, charming by its beauty the place where it is located, extremely comfortable rooms and a varied menu of services that the hotel offers its guests – all this makes « Dilijan » in an ideal place for a holiday.The strict and elegant simplicity of the building is surrounded by lush greenery. It has been built right on the hillside, so guests can admire the wonderful panorama of the building’s height. The interiors – a fascinating combination of harmony and luxury. Shiny floors, languid gleaming crystal chandeliers, dark expensive furniture and panoramic windows that fill the interior space with light.


The range of services offered by this hotel in Armenia , and is equally suited to travelers who came here to rest from the hardships and worries, and businessmen who are planning to hold in Dilijan some event.


In any case, the time spent in this hotel, very beneficial for your health. The clean mountain air filled with the heady scents of the forest, surrounded him on all sides, it seems you can not only breathe, but also drink, enjoying every sip intoxicating. This park will give you a lot of magical hours spent in leisurely walks along its shady avenues.


The complex was built in the early seventies, and immediately earned a popularity as a resort not only in the country but also across the Union. Several years ago, the building passed a complete renovation, and in addition to the old multi-storey buildings in the territory were some one-storey and two-storey cottages. Moreover, the hotel has a lot of plans for further development, but today he can build a great vacation for its guests.


The complex is open throughout the year. In the winter he pleases guests frosty air, sparkling snow drifts and sag under fluffy snow capped branches. In the summer of « Dilijan » bathes its guests in a golden green sunny warm days. The hotel is ready to receive within its walls any campaign, proud of singles and pairs up cute fun group of friends or family clans. One-bedroom apartments of various levels of comfort are waiting for their guests in the main building of the hotel. Situated just below the hillside cottages are designed for two, three or four bedrooms. All apartments are decorated in soft and warm colors. Warm fluffy carpets, soft light bulbs, comfortable furniture, tempts its smooth curves and softness. A large TV screen is always ready to please you with an interesting movie or favorite show. Refrigerator can be filled with delicacies on their own or rely on the taste of the hotel staff. You can find everything you need including a hairdryer and a mirror, just created for applying makeup in the bathroom. There is also a safe, carefully guarding your valuables, and spacious closets, ready to devour a whole pile of clothes.


Restaurant with wide panoramic windows always pleases guests with exquisite dishes prepared according to traditional Armenian recipes. True, there are a few copyright dishes, the secret of which has only a local chef. Typically, the rate includes half board, but you can select another option power. The restaurant is a black, glossy Gromada froze piano black bowels which filled the hall of the restaurant charming sounds of the evening. Nearby is a cozy bar where you can sip something delicious at a small table, or postponed until later for a tasting party of billiards.


For people critically watching their appearance, opened a wonderful spa complex, which offers a variety of luxurious menu of services. All procedures are carried out only with the use of natural cosmetics. Especially nice to pamper your mortal body in such exquisite surroundings – the interior are decorated with exceptional taste.And those who prefer a less refined pastime, can enjoy all the pleasures of sauna.


Do you prefer an active pastime – there is a gym where curvy froze modern fitness equipment, an indoor swimming pool and spacious, ideal for competitive swimming and splashing for the lazy. And if you have a suitable partner, then you can play ping-pong. Or play a game of tennis at a suitable weather, of course, the courts were located in the open air.


Travellers arriving here with children will appreciate the excellent children’s playground with swings and a small whole town, consisting of lazilok, tubes and slides.And bad weather, you can wait in the children’s room filled with all sorts of games and toys.


This hotel Armenia is ready to hold any business event, from large conferences (there is room for up to 150 people) and medium-scale seminar or training (involving 60 participants) to the backroom meetings and business negotiations. All rooms have the necessary equipment, including audio equipment and everything required for visualization. Agile staff are always on hand to assist you with the organization and holding of the event, the restaurant will provide participants with sustenance and strengthening of coffee. A business center will print or a copied all the required documentation. Everywhere at the hotel you can catch online, that is sure to please not only businessmen, but also ordinary travelers.


The hotel does not belong to the category of cheap, and the last minute , you will find here if unlikely, but is popular among travelers from Russia, Belarus,Uzbekistan – prices here are not afraid.