Dilijan has a truly healing climate, the very location of the city contributes to this. City is conveniently located at a dizzying height in whole and a half thousand meters, having chosen as a sanctuary and a peaceful green valley, which from all sides beset by low mountains. Summer is here by Armenian standards surprisingly soft, it does not dries up the heat and pleases pleasant sunny days, even in late July honest thermometer is rarely shows more than 20 degrees, and even if the mercury and jumps up, overheated residents and vacationers blew a gentle cool breeze coming down from the mountain snow-capped peaks. The winter months are also filled with the white valley, sparkling and riddled with dancing snowflakes sunlight. The air in the frosty months, especially dry, and the average temperature does not exceed the threshold of minus two degrees. It is thanks to the perfect combination of moisture, a comfortable temperature and the presence of sunlight, a lot of sunny days, and gorgeous on the composition of a mineral spring in the village in the early 20th century, there was a first in the Armenian resort for treatment of tuberculosis. In the seventies of the last century, there has been built a lot of holiday homes, sanatoriums and clinics. Most of them are still open and are ready to take on a wait of visitors, who come not only in order to enjoy the local scenery, but with a more worldly goals to heal. There was here and plenty of hotels Armenia, offering a high level of service.   The city is easy to find a number of hotels of different levels of star. Most were witty luxury not so long ago, and offers its guests all kinds of joy is truly unforgettable and blissful holiday, where all your wishes are carried out by the wave of time. For such possible to carry the most expensive and decent hotel « Dilijan Resort ». Lower class hotel, but on the other hand offers accommodation, it is an appropriate modest budget – is « Dill Hill. » Most are two-star hotels, but if you arrive in Dilijan to enjoy the magical atmosphere of the city and explore its surroundings inquisitively, then such an option will suit perfectly. Fortunately, the rooms in these institutions is quite comfortable, and you basically save on additional services. For those who prefer not to limit yourself to the rules of the hotel on holiday, should look for housing in the private sector. This option is ideal and economical travelers, and large companies, the latter may generally look for a private house to taste. However, if you decide to rent a house instead of renting a hotel in Armenia, book yourself accommodation will be difficult to advance. Most likely, it is necessary to focus on the spot. For accommodation, you can choose and one of the nursing homes in Dilijan, and combine business with consistently helpful – a wonderful vacation with an effective treatment.  

History in brief

It must be said that the local beauty and mild climate attracted to the edge of the protected people in the days distant from us the veil of the past centuries. Thanks to intensive archaeological research, that are held here since the second half of the last century, scholars have found that Dilijan and was inhabited in the Bronze Age, reigned here about twenty-five hundred years ago. Confirmation were numerous valuable trinkets and artifacts found during the excavations, now exhibited in museums in Moscow, Baku, St. Petersburg. Local tribes eventually replaced the royal person. In the 4th century BC, when the land of Armenia was shared between Byzantium and the great Persian kingdom, dense forests around Dilijan chose a hunting ground for the rulers of the peoples and their entourage. However, some large settlements in so remote a veil of time did not exist a century. The first village of Dilijan wrote the French traveler who wandered into this beautiful region in 1666. A small town appeared here in the early 19th century. No doubt a few yards there was before, but the Dilijan as urban settlement, was mentioned only in 1826.