Ararat Hall

The elegant building that combines elements of traditional Armenian architecture and modern inserts of shiny glass holds within its walls the secrets of the unique ancient Armenian cuisine. This unique restaurant « Ararat Hall », the brainchild of the talented chefs of Armenian Sedrak Mamulyan that the task of his life sees in the preservation of rare recipes of this land, as well as the enjoyment of the ritual meal. For there are in a hurry, without feeling the taste of food, not being able to enjoy every nuance of the proposed dishes – is not only a disregard talent chef, but also a denial of the culture that produced these or other culinary traditions. In the institution of Mr Mamulyan, nothing distracts visitors from the process of eating the dishes. Sami halls of the restaurant, and they are three and they are sonorous name « Tzira », « Nur » and « Ace », decorated in a wonderfully austere and restrained classical style. On Culture of Armenia is reminiscent of a bright patterned tablecloths and excellent culinary delights. A visit here is comparable to a gastronomic tour of Armenia.


Maestro Mamulyan, conceived his restaurant, spent a lot of time traveling around the country and explore different culinary traditions, inherent in the various regions of Armenia. Some dishes have got the menu is truly unique, and try them elsewhere was still unlikely to succeed. Each room is cozy enough, and the biggest of them can take a little more than forty people.


In addition to traditional soups and some recipes account for more than a millennium, and here you can enjoy hot meals, and stunning classical Armenian desserts.


The restaurant is part of a whole set of programs to preserve a unique gastronomic culture of Yerevan. It involved not only cook, but also ethnographers, who still continue to gather important materials throughout the country. The resulting information and recipes used and the training of future chefs in special schools that train future chefs. Armenian tour operators recommend a look here true fans of cuisine and culture of this country.


« Ararat Hall » is ready to receive guests in their rooms, starting at ten in the morning and finishing with eleven in the evening.