Minaret Kutlug Timur

A variety of historical research has helped to ascertain that the minaret is the tallest building of this type in the whole of Central Asia. An architectural monument dating from the 1011 year, was built with the direct participation of the rulers of the Golden Horde.


Architectural features of a minaret


Today, the minaret, which offers visit any tour operator in Turkmenistan, rises to sixty meters. The area of the base is almost a dozen meters. In order to climb to the top level must be overcome almost one hundred and fifty steps of the spiral staircase. If you look at the minaret from the street, it is easy to notice that it is a classic column-shaped cone.


The upper part of the columns decorated with stylized stripes 18 with samples of national ornament. Also, there is an inscription art here is made ​​on the «kufi». Some photos have helped to establish that many years ago had its own minaret lantern made ​​of precious wood. Architects tend to attribute it to the Iranian style. Unfortunately, several have taken place here fires destroyed the artifact.


Years of controversy surround not only the individual elements of the construction of the minaret, but his immediate age. According to some scientists, the construction of a religious building process began during the reign of Timur Qutlugh. At this time, their opponents believe that the official date of construction of the entire complex must be considered during the reign of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni, dating back to the eleventh century. A significant role in the search for the true date could play a dome minaret, but he has repeatedly been subjected to restructuring, which makes it impossible to determine the exact time period.


Despite the fact that today the minaret can boast a wealth of external or internal interiors, Turkmen Airlines continue here to bring hundreds of tourists and pilgrims from around the world.