Abdullakhan Kala

Two kilometers south ancient Merv the ruins of the settlement, which was built in the XV century. It Abdullakhan-Kala – the new city, which was supposed to replace destroyed Merv. Reborn New Merv could not compare to the grandeur of bygone metropolis. The idea of building owned by Shahrukh – son of Timur. Populous and prosperous after the conquest of Merv Changizi Khan is completely depopulated. Population entirely destroyed – killed about half a million inhabitants. The invaders burnt houses, ruined fortifications and irrigation system. To return here life, it was necessary to return the water. Initially Shahrukh ordered to restore a dam on the Murghab River and irrigation canals system. Next on the space have built a new fortified city. Old turned into a collective burial. New Merv took about 42 hectares. He was surrounded by a high wall of brick with benches and teeth, all this complemented 44 sentinel tower. The approaches to the city walls blocked the ditch filled with water. Toward the goal he has, in some parts of its width 30, and depth of 7 m.


The city had several entrance gates. The main city street level line ran from one gate to the other. According to excavations in Abdallahan Calais was a two-story royal palace, madrasa, mosque, bazaar and baths, water and sewer system. In front of the mosque was located Husraviye artificial body of water, and close to the madrassa.


The name of the city was to become associated Abdullah Khan of the genus Sheibanids.