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Shota Rustavelli St. 95, Tashkent, Babur Park
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Very near to the famous park of Babur is Hosilot hotel offering visitors 111 rooms increased comfort, decorated with a spacious balcony with a sitting area. Interior layout sustained in a simple style, but every room is paved with carpets, which makes its flavor and mouthwatering comfort. Guests are invited to dine in the restaurant – here visitors brought an extensive menu, main dishes which include national and European dishes. The hotel in Tashkent, a bar where you can order a ready-made drinks, or ask the bartender to prepare a cocktail. It also serves light snacks.


Visitors should know that Wi-Fi at the hotel in Tashkent is not free – you can use it only in the public areas, after making a certain payment.


Near Hosilot are a supermarket, a little further – a big market, and if a little drive – river coast. The hotel can be visited and on a business trip – for companies, enterprises, entrepreneurs submitted a spacious meeting room. But the celebrations can be enjoyed in the banquet hall.

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