Boutique Hotel “Indie-Anna”

5 estrellas
Tashkent, Sergeli district, Sputnik 7, house 1
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In a charming place, among the natural splendor, is located boutique hotel “Indie-Anna” in the shade of palm trees and various exotic trees. The main attractive feature of this place is that a boutique hotel built in the “Sun City” – a luxury water-entertainment complex.
It offers 10 rooms and two bedroom apartments, comfort and decor that will suit every visitor.
The “Indy Anna” travelers will be met real professionals – a massage will help return the body to ease, the sauna will fill vigor, and Turkish bath is sure to impress due to a special cult of cleanness and harmony.  Three pools will be ready to receive water treatments for guests all day. You can play a game of volleyball or badminton at a mini-beach “Indi-Anna”.
For couples will be offered another pool – “Sun City”. Here you can rest and play, and participate in various sport competitions on the water. “Hellad-pool Oken” also awaits its visitors, attracting azure amazingly clean water expanses.
Sample some culinary delights offers a restaurant Lord. It will be offer inexhaustible surprises and most exotic dishes for their lodgers. There are well-known DJs will be entertain their guests, so the door of karaoke bar “Star rain” almost closed until the morning. But the youngest visitors happily will visit the Playground “Rainbow” – it seems that there is all the children’s dreams come true. Boutique Hotel “Indi-Anna” – a place that is impossible to forget.
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