Billuri Sitora

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Havasu Street 5, Samarkand
27.00 $/noche

At Havasu Street 5 in Samarkand Billuri Sitora hotel is situated. You can navigate it through the bustling Siab bazaar, which is the main trading place of the city. The hotel is striking by its splendor of the architectural style, the rooms (total 10) have fine timbered ceilings, everwhere national unique patterns can be viewed, and fabrics of khan-atlas streaming like water flows, and miniature motivate those events, which reflect. Breakfast in Billuri Sitora is served until 10am, so guests can sleep properly, without worriying not to get late for it. Rooms are cleaned thoroughly at all hours, and the staff tries not to disturb the guests, choosing the optimal time. For cleaning Also Sitora can use the laundry service, laundry after washing regains freshness and unsurpassed white. At the hotel there is a fast Internet service.

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